"A professional developer can design Applications that help employees process and manage data to reduce expenses and make the employees more productive and efficient."

At CAS, we specialize in the MS Office programs because they offer the most integrated package in the industry.  Through the use of the MS Office programs, your company can link Database Applications, Spreadsheets, Documents, Emails, Calendars, Appointments, Projects, Presentations, Publications, and other files into a relationally-connected information system.  A system like this makes your company's processing of data/information much more efficient and your employees much more productive, saving your company thousands of dollars.

Our Development Team along with your Employees will create an efficient, integrated information processing system
Develop Database Applications using industry standard programs (MS Access, SQLServer, MySQL)
Develop Spreadsheet Systems (MS Excel)
Integrate Word Documents (Data Merge)
Integrate Outlook files (Emails, Calendars, Appointments)
Integrate Presentations (PowerPoint) and Publications (Publisher)
Integrate Other Data Files (data sources, text files, etc.)
Integrate Other Files (PDFs, Images, Audio, Video)