A Little History...

LogoThe company was started as a way to help customers digitally transfer their family’s photos and videos to DVD.  As technology changed and customers started having different needs, Preserving Memories continued to add products and services to fill those needs.

Whether you have boxes of old tapes stored away that you haven’t seen in years or you are struggling to find the perfect gift for a loved one, Preserving Memories  can help you with all your photo and video needs.

...And Now

We include a lot of "extras" that a lot of companies charge for either upfront or hidden.  The prices you see include providing a clean edit (we take out dead space, commercials, things you don't want), enhance the audio, provide background music, etc. ALL FOR NO EXTRA CHARGES.

The reason we operate like this is simple:  we want you to get your old media captured and converted or it WILL be gone.  For the sake of future generations, get it done...today!

Don’t gamble on losing the past. Convert them digital today & let technology save those precious moments for many years to come!!

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